2015-2016 USDP Regular Season Leaders

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Name Position Team NHL Team GP G A PTS PIM +/- SOG S% PPP NHLe
CLAYTON KELLERLU.S. National U18 TeamARI  623770107400000
KIEFFER BELLOWSLU.S. National U18 TeamNYI  625031811010000
ADAM FOXDU.S. National U18 TeamNYR  6495059120000
JOEY ANDERSONRU.S. National U18 TeamTOR  64273057200000
SCOTT REEDYRU.S. National U17 TeamS.J  49193352260000
GRANT MISMASHLU.S. National U17 TeamT.B  58232144880000
TRENT FREDERICLU.S. National U18 TeamBOS  61202040730000
EVAN BARRATTCU.S. National U17 TeamCHI  58152540642000
WILLIAM LOCKWOODRU.S. National U18 TeamVAN  59132033350000
CHAD KRYSDU.S. National U18 TeamTOR  5332629780000
JAMES GREENWAYLU.S. National U18 TeamBOS  6452328620000
JOSH NORRISCU.S. National U17 TeamOTT  44141327340000
BRADY TKACHUKLU.S. National U17 TeamOTT  5591625560000
RYAN LINDGRENDU.S. National U18 TeamNYR  6161925600000
QUINN HUGHESDU.S. National U17 TeamVAN  5771724240000
DAVID FARRANCEDU.S. National U17 Team5281523240000
NICK PASTUJOVLU.S. National U18 Team6013821680000
LOGAN COCKERILLLU.S. National U17 TeamNYI  4761521160000
PAUL MARTINDU.S. National U18 Team6341620320000
MAX GILDONDU.S. National U17 TeamFLA  581181952-1000
GRAHAM MCPHEELU.S. National U18 Team5810818510000
JOSH MANISCALCODU.S. National U17 TeamPIT  5751318780000
LOGAN HUTSKORU.S. National U17 TeamFLA  327916240000
MATTHEW HELLICKSONDU.S. National U18 TeamN.J  6401616140000
KAILER YAMAMOTORU.S. National U18 TeamEDM  97714120000
PATRICK KHODORENKOCU.S. National U18 TeamNYR  437613320000
CASEY MITTELSTADTCU.S. National U18 TeamBUF  13761360000
LOGAN BROWNCU.S. National U18 TeamSTL  9491360000
PHILIP KEMPDU.S. National U17 TeamEDM  5811112140000
GRIFFIN LUCEDU.S. National U18 Team643811820000
KEEGHAN HOWDESHELLLU.S. National U18 TeamARI  59279280000
REILLY WALSHDU.S. National U17 TeamN.J  933640000
SASHA CHMELEVSKIRU.S. National U17 TeamS.J  623500000
TYLER INAMOTODU.S. National U17 TeamCAR  27033450000
IVAN LODNIARU.S. National U17 TeamMIN  520200000
SCOTT REEDYRU.S. National U18 TeamS.J  711200000
JAKE GRICIUSCU.S. National U17 TeamS.J  401120000
COLE GUTTMANCU.S. National U17 TeamCHI  300000000
SCOTT PERUNOVICHDU.S. National U18 TeamSTL  200000000