Yahoo DFS Featured Stacked Lineups

 We will do our best to make sure these rosters are optimal by removing players that are injured or scratched. However, things can slip through the cracks. You can contact us on Discord to report errors or you can use the Customizer and Stack Generator to build your own lineups.
Note: Featured lineups will be kept up to date until the first game of the main/featured slate starts.
 For this platform, we require a minimum of 4 games in the main slate to display stacked lineups. Otherwise we recommend using our lineup optimizer to generate your roster.
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DFS Player Evaluator

View and compare hundreds of players instantly with three different formulas used to assess player value. This includes many filtering options to help you focus on the right players for your DFS lineup. If you want to grab the hottest player or try to buy low on a slumping player, we have you covered!

This is updated throughout the day to include the latest injury and starting goalie information.

Daily Featured Optimized Lineups

We have a featured optimized lineup for each of our player evaluation formulas. This is updated twice every hour to make sure we stay up to date with injuries, starting goalies, etc.

We’ve been using these lineups in DraftKings and Yahoo leagues for a while and have been getting good results.

  • We finish in the top 20% of leagues 39% of the time
  • We finish in the top 10% of leagues 20% of the time
  • We finish in the top 5% of leagues 11% of the time

Stack Generator

A popular DFS strategy is to “stack” multiple players from the same team, usually linemates, hoping for a great night. Here you have the ability to enter your own line combinations, the desired “stack” size and your budget allocation, giving you full control. The tool will give you dozens of options to choose from, so you can select an optimized “stack” that best fits in your roster!

DFS Report Generator

An extension of our popular “Report Generator” feature, the DFS Report Generator gives you in-depth breakdowns of player production history in each scoring category as well as fantasy points per game in DraftKings, Yahoo and FanDuel. It also includes some extra reports to observe trends in each platform’s stats that are considered more luck-based.

DFS Customizer

We wanted to give you control beyond just seeing our daily optimized lineups, so we built a tool that gives you the ability to customize your settings. It solves three major problems:

  • Pre-select players: This is pretty obvious but also very useful if games are already started and you have some of your roster spots locked up. The tool will keep your pre-selected players in place and optimize the rest of your roster.
  • Do-not-draft list: Sometimes our featured optimized lineups make an obvious bad choice. Well, just add that player to the DND list and re-run the optimizer!
  • Select Teams: DraftKings/FanDuel/Yahoo! have leagues that cover all games in a day. It also has leagues that only cover early or late games. Well, no problem. Just select those teams and run the optimizer!

Thousands of simulations run instantly – offering the perfect lineups!

Help and Tips Section

We have a page dedicated to giving you tips and answering your questions about how to put yourself in a position to win. We offer in-depth insight into our player evaluation formulas and give you tons of tips on which types of leagues to join and how to maximize your usage of our tools.

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