2016-2017 Team North America Regular Season Leaders

 Note: This page will only display the players in our system. There may be missing players and some stats are not always available.
Name Position Team NHL Team GP G A PTS PIM +/- SOG S% PPP NHLe
JOHNNY GAUDREAULTeam North AmericaCBJ  322402000
SHAYNE GOSTISBEHEREDTeam North AmericaDET  304444000
AUSTON MATTHEWSCTeam North AmericaTOR  321302000
NATHAN MACKINNONCTeam North AmericaCOL  321322000
RYAN NUGENT-HOPKINSLTeam North AmericaEDM  312321000
CONNOR MCDAVIDCTeam North AmericaEDM  303341000
COLTON PARAYKODTeam North AmericaSTL  303323000
JACK EICHELCTeam North AmericaVGK  311200000
MORGAN RIELLYDTeam North AmericaTOR  311200000
JONATHAN DROUINRTeam North AmericaCOL  310102000
VINCENT TROCHECKCTeam North AmericaNYR  310120000
MARK SCHEIFELECTeam North AmericaWPG  301120000
DYLAN LARKINCTeam North AmericaDET  20112-1000
J.T. MILLERCTeam North AmericaVAN  10000-1000
JACOB TROUBADTeam North AmericaNYR  20000-1000
AARON EKBLADDTeam North AmericaFLA  100000000
RYAN MURRAYDTeam North America30000-3000
BRANDON SAADLTeam North AmericaSTL  30002-2000
SETH JONESDTeam North AmericaCHI  30002-3000
SEAN COUTURIERCTeam North AmericaPHI  30000-2000